Your thermostat controls your heater, activating it when the temperature drops below a certain level. If your thermostat is set, but your heater won’t turn on, there’s definitely a sign of trouble. A qualified service technician can examine the unit and ascertain the problem. When it comes to heating repair in Kingwood TX, residents can’t hesitate; especially in the colder parts of the year. The sooner a repairman can look at the issue, the sooner it can be resolved. If you’re saying to yourself “my thermostat is set, but my heater won’t turn on: what gives?” the answers may come from a number of possible sources.

In some cases, the thermostat itself may be faulty, either by presenting the wrong temperature or by refusing to activate the heater. These are usually the most straightforward problems to fix, since the thermostat is easy to access and can be replaced or removed without a great deal of fuss.

Thermostat is Set | Heater Won't Turn On | Kingwood Air Repair

More significant problems might lie inside the heater itself. For example if the pilot light is damaged or the thermocouple (which regulates the flow of gas into the burners) is having problems, then the furnace won’t turn on. This is usually a safety issue, since you don’t want gas flooding the area if the ignition system is faulty.

There might also be an issue with the fan motor blowing hot air into your home. Some furnaces have an overload switch on their motor, which shuts it off if it’s experiencing problems.  This is to prevent further damage to the furnace as a whole. Finally, any electrical issues involving the connectors or the wiring between the furnace and the breaker box could cause it to shut off, regardless of what the thermostat says.

No matter what the causes, you should turn off power to the unit and contact a qualified service technician immediately. In matters of heating repair, Kingwood TX has a name that’s easy to remember.  Kingwood Air Repair serves the greater North Houston area, with over 20 years of experience in heating and air conditioning repair. If you’re asking “why doesn’t my heater work, even though my thermostat is set correctly?” then pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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